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2021年秋季JJ团租即将开始!敬请关注信息更新!Information Update Soon for 2021!

Apartment/House Leasing


We do provide apartment/complex/townhome/condo/single house leasing in Austin, College Station, Houston and Dallas. We are expertized in helping International students find the "right" home which accommodates students' requirements to our best try.


Here, we offer free leasing service mostly around UT-Austin, TAMU, UH & Rice in Texas Medical Center, UT-Dallas and SMU. We provide very detailed apartment information including location, price & specials, amenities, real-captured photos, market, transportation information, etc.


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JJ团租在奥斯汀、大学城、休斯顿和达拉斯四个城市大学提供学生公寓/私人townhome/house等租房咨询服务,我们主要提供UT-Austin、TAMU、UH、RICE、Texas Medical Center、UTD等学校附近的公寓租房咨询服务。


Choose Your City Below: 从下面选择你的城市

01. Austin奥斯汀

02. College Station大学城

03. Houston休斯顿

04. Dallas达拉斯

* Read Before You Continue Choosing Apartment租房前请阅读以下部分

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